Your first step is to complete an “Extended Time” form which can be found in our office (orange form).  This will allow you to take a test or exam in the Testing Center.

This form is considered a contract between you and your professor.  It sets agreed upon dates and times in which you can receive testing accommodations through our office.

You must turn in one form per test each time you wish to use the Testing Center.

Forms must be completed by you and signed by your professor in order to be considered completed forms. You must get the form to your professor 1 week before the test or exam.

We must receive these forms at least 3 days in advance of a test and 1 week in advance of the midterm or final exam.

Before you begin the test or exam, we will review with you any faculty instructions that accompany the test or exam, the amount of time you will have to complete the test or exam, and our office’s exam guidelines.


You will be expected to take your exams the same day and time as the class in which you are enrolled.  Exceptions to this scheduling policy are only given on a case-by-case basis and may include conflicts with other classes, personal emergencies or illness.  All rescheduled exams will be handled with your professor’s approval.

When taking a test or exam in the Testing Center, we ask that you report at least 5 minutes prior to the start time you wrote on the Extended Time form.

Tests and exams will be given at the appointed time and students who are late will forfeit the time they miss and only be offered the scheduled time remaining unless lateness is due to extenuating circumstances.  If a student is more than 20 minutes late, the test or exam is considered a “no show” and the instructor will be notified.  It is then up to the student to contact the professor regarding make up options.

The time block you have scheduled is a fixed total and cannot be further extended unless there is some type of problem with equipment or the actual exam.

Unless part of your accommodation plan, you will take your test or exam in one sitting and not be permitted to leave the Testing Center.  If an urgent matter comes up, please see the proctor who will be able to help you.

If you are unclear about a test or exam question, seek assistance from the test proctor.  We will attempt to contact your professor.  If we are unable to contact the professor, you will be asked to explain in writing what your question is and that will be returned to the professor along with the test or exam.

Staff members or test proctors will be responsible to monitor students during testing times but will do their best not to distract the student. 

Very few personal items will be allowed in the Testing Center.  Items such as bookbags, purses, coats, hats/caps, communication devices, textbooks, notes, etc. will NOT be permitted unless specified on the Extended Time form.

During final exams, students are not permitted to choose their exam rooms or seating area, but will be given assigned seating based on their specific needs.  We cannot guarantee a distraction-free environment in which to take your tests, but we will make every effort to reduce distractions and provide you with an appropriate testing environment.



All students receiving testing services in the Office of Student Disability Services are under the University’s Honor Code.  Any actual or suspected incident of improper test-taking or violation will be documented by the Office of Student Disability Services.  Failure to comply with the policies and procedures will result in an Academic Honesty Policy violation which will be reported to your professor.