Temporary Transportation Services are provided by Public Safety to all Saint Joseph University students who submit appropriate documentation to support the need for transportation between their on-campus residences and their classroom buildings as well as transport to and from on-campus buildings for course required programs and activities.

Request For Temporary Transportation Services

  1. Student contacts Dr. Christine Mecke (cmecke@sju.edu or 610.660.1774).
  2. Student submits documentation to Dr. Mecke regarding the injury or disability.  Must state the duration of the need for the Temporary Transportation Services and also provide current cell phone number for the student.
  3. Dr. Mecke completes the Request For Temporary Transportation Services form and sends to Public Safety.
  4. The student is instructed to contact Public Safety 30 minutes prior to transport from residence to campus and 15 minutes prior to transport between campus buildings.
  5. A hard copy of the request and the medical documentation is kept in the Office of Student Disability Services according to the retention policy.