Registering with the Office of SDS may entitle the student to be considered for a reasonable accommodation and related support services. The following procedures for requesting accommodation(s) will help you with that process:

Step 1: Any student requesting accommodations must first identify themselves to the Office of SDS by submitting the appropriate documentation from their medical provider which substantiates the disability and the request for an accommodation related to the disability.  Documentation provided to this office should be on letterhead, typed, and signed (including the license number) by the treating medical or healthcare provider.

Step 2: The nature and extent of the student’s disability must be documented by a physician or healthcare professional. The presence of a specific learning disability must be documented by a psycho-educational evaluation. Documentation will be retained in confidential files in the Office of SDS. This documentation never becomes a part of the student's permanent educational record.

Step 3: Students will meet with the Director of the Office of SDS or the Disability Support Specialist to discuss the need for reasonable accommodation(s) for the current semester. Students will be requested to sign a release form allowing appropriate faculty and staff to be notified that accommodations have been granted for a particular course. If a student has not identified to the office by providing documentation of their disability, and consented to the limited sharing of information regarding the granting of reasonable accommodation(s), the student will not be eligible to receive accommodation(s).

Step 4: When the Office of SDS is in possession of the documentation and signed a release form, a confidential letter describing the accommodation will be forwarded to appropriate college personnel. Strict confidentiality is required and must be maintained by all persons receiving such private information.

Retroactive Services

The University is not required by law to provide retroactive accommodations to any student. Services are initiated with the opening of a confidential file based on eligible documentation.