The Office of SDS is dedicated to keeping all personal student information confidential and complies with the standards set and the Family Education Records and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Except as required and /or permitted by applicable law and University policy, the Office of SDS will not discuss or release information about a student's disability absent a Release of Information form signed by the student prior to such disclosure.  Disability information will be maintained by the Office of SDS in a secure environment.  Please note that any communication with other SJU personnel (i.e. faculty members, residence life staff, health services, etc.) is strictly on an "as need to know" basis and for the educational purposes of the student, and cannot be shared or used for any other purpose by the person in receipt of such information.  Indication of a disability or the use of accommodations while at Saint Joseph's University is not listed on the official transcript or diploma.

Students registered with the Office of SDS have a right to review their educational records under FERPA, and every effort will be made to fulfill requests for File Review at the Office of SDS within a reasonable amount of time.  However, students will not be allowed to make photocopies of their educational records maintained by the University.