Reasonable Accommodations

The Office of SDS coordinates support services and recommends “reasonable academic adjustments” based on the needs of qualified students as supported by documentation that is appropriate and current (within 3 years).

 Although not an exhaustive list, the following are examples of reasonable academic adjustments:

  • Extended time to take examinations in a distraction reduced environment
  • Exams provided in alternative formats
  • Alternative to computer-scored answer sheets
  • Classes relocated to accessible locations
  • Sign-language interpreters provided when appropriate
  • Note-takers
  • Captionists
  • Books in an alternative format
  • Assistive technology

Note: Determinations of a reasonable accommodation are made based on a case-by-case standard taking into account the specific facts and circumstances of the student with a disability and the nature of the request presented. 

Information regarding the availability of and process for seeking reasonable accommodations for employees and visitors to the University can be found on the Human Resources website at