What is the Passport program?

The Passport Program is an opportunity for students to gain a head start on their collegiate careers.  Students who are offered conditional admission via Passport are required to complete a summer academic program that will prepare them for the rigors of Jesuit higher education.  Those who successfully complete the summer program will earn three college credits and gain full admission in the fall.

Why are students conditionally admitted to SJU via the Passport program?

The Admissions Team has identified something in the educational background of these applicants that indicates that the students would benefit from additional educational enrichment prior to starting at SJU.

The Summer Academic Program

Students admitted via Passport are required to participate in a three week academic program from late June through mid-July.  Dates for the Summer 2019 program will be Sunday, June 30th through Thursday, July 18th, 2019.  Students who wish to attend Freshman Orientation will need to register for one of the first two orientation dates.

Classes available during the Summer Program

Economics 102 (Macroeconomics) and History 154 (Forging the Modern World) will be offered in Summer 2019.  The economics course is part of the Business Core Curriculum and History 154 is a Signature Course required of all undergraduate students.

A Preview of College Life

While participating in the Passport program, students have the option to live in a residence hall or to commute from home.  Students experience many aspects of college life during the summer program, including

  • Utilizing academic support services provided by the Writing Center and the Office of Learning Resources
  • Frequenting the fitness center and the dining hall
  • Attending campus programs and trips

Program Costs

Costs of the Program

Total costs for 2019 are $3,381.50 for residents and $2,351.00 for commuters.

Costs break down as follows:

  • Program fee - $500
  • Course tuition - $1,752
  • Room and board or lunch meal plan for commuters - Room and board is set at $1,129.50 for residents and the lunch meal plan is set at $99. for commuters.


What support does the Passport program offer during the students' freshman year?

As part of the freshman year arm of the program, we monitor students' class performance and grades at weeks 5 and 8 (midterm) of the semester.  Students with failing grades as of midterm are contacted by the program director to plan next steps.  Students who fall below a 2.0 at the end of the fall semester are strongly encouraged to complete the Office of Student Success's Rebound program for the spring.  All Passport students may contact the program director throughout the year with any concerns or questions.