P.A.S.S. is designed to assist students who are on academic probation in returning to good academic standing and ultimately graduating from SJU. P.A.S.S. has a framework for all students and individualized action plans are developed based on the obstacles faced by each student.

Requirements for students:

  • Participation in the PASS program is voluntary
  • Students complete an initial online assessment and use assessment results to formulate an individualized "Plan for Success"
  • Students then meet monthly, beginning in the summer, to gauge progress in completing the plan

Possible components of the program based on recommendations from the Board of Student Academic Review and results of the on-line assessment:

  • Attending workshops that will benefit the individual student
  • Engaging with CAPS, Student Health Center, the Career Development Center, the Writing Center, and the Office of Learning Resources
  • Completing previous coursework to have an Incomplete that turned to an F changed to a grade
  • Submitting paperwork to change a major, declare or remove a minor
  • Completing FAFSA paperwork