Please note that this series has concluded for Fall 2017.  The descriptions below provide an overview of the scope of the workshop series.  Please join us next fall for another presentation of the series, and feel free to contact Assistant Director of the OLR Carolyn Zaccagni (610.660.1846, with any related questions.

International Student Workshops: Get to Know the American Classroom

Start your journey, attend the workshops, and get to know the American classroom!

This three-part International Student Workshop series will support you as you transition to learning in the American classroom.  Join us for one or for all three of the following sessions:

  • Getting to Know the American Classroom
  • Writing in the American Classroom
  • Delivering a Unified Team Presentation in the American Classroom

Full program descriptions appear below.  To register, click here. This series is offered by the Office of Learning Resources (OLR) in partnership with the SJU Writing Center and the Office of International Students and Scholars (ISS).

Full Program Descriptions

9/7/17 - 3-3:50 p.m. - Getting to Know the American Classroom: Learn What to Expect!  -- Presented by Lauren Fiori, Assistant Director, Office of Student Success

In this workshop, students will get an introduction to the American university classroom.  The presenter will discuss what it means to be a student-centered classroom and how to be an active learner.  In addition, students will learn about forms of communication in American institutions, the importance of the syllabus, and academic integrity.  The presenter will end the workshop by discussing general tips for being successful at SJU.

9/14/17 - 1-1:50 p.m. - Writing in the American Classroom -- Presented by Dr. Jenny Spinner, Director of the SJU Writing Center, and Jordan Heil, Assistant Director of the SJU Writing Center

This workshop will help you to understand why we cite sources in academic writing in the United States.  The workshop will also provide research and writing strategies for avoiding plagiarism.

9/21/17 - 2-2:50 p.m. - Delivering a Unified Team Presentation in the American Classroom -- Presented by Carolyn Zaccagni, Assistant Director, Office of Learning Resources

A team presentation is not a group of speakers, but a collection of voices speaking as one.  Learn the steps to transform your group into a team and to work collaboratively to present your material in an engaging, seamless manner.  Explore the values of visuals, the importance of introductions and transitions, and the power of practice.  Finally, we will discuss timing and navigating space.  A strong team works well behind the scenes as well as in front of the room!