This semester-long partnership offers students the opportunity to work one-on-one with an assigned coach.  Together, the student and coach develop an individualized learning plan to apply appropriate strategies and to empower students to make a smooth transition to the college learning environment. Coaching sessions coincide with the start of classes and take place each week during the semester.  Each weekly session is 50 minutes.

A coach will monitor course progress, explore barriers to success, encourage self-advocacy and heighten personal accountability.  A coach will help the student achieve success by helping with organization, encouraging perseverance, and strengthening study skills.

This fee-based program is open to first-year students at Saint Joseph's University.  The cost to work with a coach is $1,000/semester for one session weekly and $2,000/semester for twice weekly sessions.  Limited financial support is available based on demonstrated family need.  An application is required.

Here is what previous coaching students had to say about the program:

  • "[My coach] was absolutely amazing. She really helped me to get through the first semester of my freshman year without getting too overwhelmed about anything."
  • "[Coaching] really helped me to build self-confidence and learn that I am smarter than I think I am. It also helped me to stay on top of my work."
  • "We worked as a team to organize my week. This organization helped a ton to relieve stress and pushed me to manage my time better throughout the semester."
  • "I learned how to take initiative and solve problems myself after a little push from my coach."