Please note: The College Transition Coaching application process is now open for Spring 2018.  Applications are available below.

This semester-long partnership offers students the opportunity to work one-on-one with an assigned coach.  Together, the student and coach develop an individualized learning plan to apply appropriate strategies and to empower students academically.  A student chooses to meet with the coach once or twice a week at a scheduled time. Coaching sessions coincide with the start of classes and take place each week over the 16 week semester.  Each session is 50 minutes.  The coaching schedule should be viewed as a class and the student should not create scheduling conflicts.

A coach will monitor course progress, explore barriers to success, encourage self-advocacy and heighten personal accountability.  A coach will help the student achieve academic success by helping with organization, encouraging perseverance, and strengthening study skills.

This fee-based program is open to first-year students at Saint Joseph's University.  An application (below) is required.

Here is what students who were coached in Spring 2017 had to say about the program:

  • "I learned amazing study skills and time management skills that have helped me to become a better student both inside and outside of the classroom."
  • "I liked knowing that someone was rooting for me and trying to help me through anything the semester threw my way."
  • "I learned many useful skills to cope in college with stress and time management.  I feel that attending this program gave me a sense of stability and family."