Get Help with a Class

Want to strengthen your approach in a particular class?  We offer peer tutoring in multiple subjects and Supplemental Instruction sessions (SI) in 6 subjects.  Need help in a 300 or 400 level course?  Consider starting a study group.  Our Study Group Starter Kit can help!

Strengthen your Learning Strategies

Ready to put your best foot forward in your online classes?  Check out our Strategies for Online Success handout.  Want to meet with a Learning Specialist one-on-one to to improve areas like time management, note taking, etc.?  Learn more about Learning Strategy Consultations or make an appointment here.

Learn about our College Transition Coaching program

The Office of Learning Resources (OLR) runs the College Transition Coaching program to assist students in navigating the transition from high school to college.

Office of Learning Resources ~ Bellarmine G10 ~ 610.660.1778