THWND – The Hawk Will Never Die

The Nest – online portal where you can access email, course information, campus announcements, account information, etc.

BEAGLE – Biology Experience Aimed at Growth, Learning, and Excellence

PSIP (Philadelphia Service Immersion Program) – optional community service program in Philadelphia for incoming first year students. PSIP occurs immediately prior to the beginning of fall classes.

Hawk Wrap – signature lunch menu item in the cafeteria

Road Trip – Overnight experience at Diamond Ridge focused on building friendships and connecting with the SJU community

Hawk Hill – A reference to SJU’s campus, which was built on a hilltop perch overlooking downtown Philadelphia

SUB (Student Union Board) – student-centered organization that plans a series of diverse cultural, recreational, social, educational and entertainment programs throughout the year

IGNITE - A weekend retreat led by upperclassmen granting freshmen a chance to meet new people from all over campus, find opportunities to get involved in the life of the university community, and chart a path to your future.