Orientation is an overnight experience at SJU where incoming students meet new classmates, review academic requirements with an advisor, take a train into Philadelphia for dinner, and participate in field games on campus.


HawkFest is a weekend filled with food, games, events and fun! Anyone and everyone with a connection to SJU is invited- students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, etc.

Activities Fair

The Activities Fair is an opportunity for students to speak with members of the 100+ organizations on campus to get involved with and sign up for clubs/activities.

Christian Life Communities

Christian Life Communities (CLCs) are intentional student groups built on the pillars of faith, community and mission. Participants desire to deepen their awareness of self, others and God. Groups meet weekly for conversation, reflection and prayer, taking pause together in sacred space. 


iSJU is an event in which first year students are given an opportunity within the residence halls to discuss what it means to be educated at a Jesuit institution.