This extended orientation focuses on the academic and social transition from high school to college. Students will participate in a variety of social activities and success seminars in order to better acclimate themselves to campus, meet other students, and learn about the resources available to help them succeed at SJU.

BEAGLE – Biology Experience Aimed at Growth, Learning, and Excellence

This intensive program for incoming Biology and Chemical Biology majors is designed to help students make the transition to college-level academics, develop effective study skills, understand the pace and rigor of college-level science courses, and meet current faculty and upper-class students. Members of the BEAGLE program will have the option to live in the Science Residential Learning Community.

PSIP – Philadelphia Service Immersion Program

Students participate in community service, visits to historic and cultural destinations in the Philadelphia area, and reflection of purpose while expanding their horizons through intellectual discovery and urban exploration.

Running Start

Running Start is a transitional program that utilizes workshops, seminars, and activities to support the acclimation to college for traditionally underrepresented students -- this may include students of color, first generation college students, or those that come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.