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Theology Major 


Theology is the methodical study of the faith traditions of a believing community. It requires a process of grappling with and critically examining expressions of faith to integrate them in the contemporary world. At Saint Joseph’s, theology majors reflect deeply on the foundation, historical development and ethical concerns of the Catholic faith, and also consider how Catholicism relates to other Christian and non-Christian traditions. Majors also understand the foundations of the Christian faith, and its implications for life in society.


Religious Studies Major 


By choosing to major in religious studies, you will acquire the same skills as a major in any other liberal arts discipline. You will learn to read carefully, think critically, formulate strong arguments and communicate clearly: all skills that will serve you well in any career path. You are encouraged to seek internships with government agencies, local businesses and non-profits through the Career Development Center. Recent graduates have chosen careers in education, social work, non-profit organizations, or have gone on to law school or graduate school in religion.


Theology and Religious Studies Minor


The minor in theology and religious studies immerses students in the investigation of a fundamental dimension of human experience. Studying theology provides minors the opportunity to reflect on the foundation, historical development and ethical concerns of the Catholic faith and to understand the potential of the Christian faith to influence life in a just society. Studying religion through the prism of multiple disciplines — history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and political science — provides a broad focus to understand culture and geopolitical events.

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