Department Faculty a Formidable Presence at American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature

December 7, 2019
The combined annual conferences of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature were held in San Diego from Nov 22-26, 2019. Several department members made presentations during the conferences.
  • Philip Cunningham presided and Adam Gregerman was a panelist at the session “Assessing Jewish-Christian Comparative Theology.”
  • Julie Deluty discussed “Between Prophet and King: Locating the Royal Governors of Mari” as part of a session on “The State and Territory in the Ancient Near East: Mapping Relationships and Challenging Paradigms.”
  • Millicent Feske presented on “The Sense of an Ending: The Role of Ritual in Pregnancy Loss and Newborn Death” as part of a session entitled, “Making Motherhood: Ritual Narratives of Pregnancy and Its Perils.”
  • Allen Kerkeslager examined “Stages in the Funerary Rituals for Caligula’s Sister Drusilla in Alexandria in 38CE” as part of the session on “Philo’s ‘On the Embassy to Gaius.'”
  • Aaron Reich explored “From Carved Statues to Living Images: Rites of Consecration in Contemporary Taiwan” during the session, “Performing Images: Ritual, Art, and Agency in Chinese Religions.”

In addition, Katie Oxx and Brendan Sammon attended the conferences.



A Conversation that Changed History: Saint John XXIII and Prof. Jules Isaac

October 30, 2019

SJU’s Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations to co-sponsor a symposium this June with the Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies in Rome.

On June 13, 1960, French historian Jules Isaac met privately with Pope John XXIII to present his research into centuries of Christian “teaching of contempt” for Jews and Judaism. He requested that a subcommittee be appointed to examine Catholic teaching about Jews in preparation for the Second Vatican Council, which the pope had recently announced. This meeting between the pope and the professor led directly to the 1965 conciliar declaration, Nostra Aetate, and the new relationship between Jews and Catholics that has grown over the past six decades.

To shed light on this immensely significant moment, research centers at two Jesuit universities, the Institute for Jewish-Catholics Relations of Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and the Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies of the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome will co-sponsor an invitational research symposium to occur in Rome on the date of the meeting’s 60th anniversary in June 2020. The participating scholars will consider the influence of Prof. Isaac’s research, his audience with “Good Pope John,” the developments over the ensuing six decades, and current and future aspects of what Pope Francis has called “the journey of friendship” between Catholic and Jews. The seventeen invited scholars who will participate hail from several European countries, Israel, Canada, and the United States. Click here for full details.

Department Welcomes Dr. Julie Deluty

October 29, 2019

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies welcomes Dr. Julie Deluty to our faculty as assistant professor of Hebrew Bible. She received her Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East from NYU’s Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies. Subsequently she served as a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in the College Core Curriculum at NYU. Dr. Deluty’s research explores the networks of officials that ancient prophets use to communicate with kings in order to legitimize governance. Her current book project, “Prophet, Intermediary, King: The Dynamics of Mediation in the Biblical World and Old Babylonian Mari,” examines the communication among prophets, intermediaries, and kings in 2nd millennium BCE Mesopotamia and in the Hebrew Bible.  Welcome aboard, Dr. Deluty!