Department Faculty a Formidable Presence at American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature

The combined annual conferences of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature were held in San Diego from Nov 22-26, 2019. Several department members made presentations during the conferences.
  • Philip Cunningham presided and Adam Gregerman was a panelist at the session “Assessing Jewish-Christian Comparative Theology.”
  • Julie Deluty discussed “Between Prophet and King: Locating the Royal Governors of Mari” as part of a session on “The State and Territory in the Ancient Near East: Mapping Relationships and Challenging Paradigms.”
  • Millicent Feske presented on “The Sense of an Ending: The Role of Ritual in Pregnancy Loss and Newborn Death” as part of a session entitled, “Making Motherhood: Ritual Narratives of Pregnancy and Its Perils.”
  • Allen Kerkeslager examined “Stages in the Funerary Rituals for Caligula’s Sister Drusilla in Alexandria in 38CE” as part of the session on “Philo’s ‘On the Embassy to Gaius.'”
  • Aaron Reich explored “From Carved Statues to Living Images: Rites of Consecration in Contemporary Taiwan” during the session, “Performing Images: Ritual, Art, and Agency in Chinese Religions.”

In addition, Katie Oxx and Brendan Sammon attended the conferences.