Dr. Oxx Publishes New Book on Religious Conflict in 19th-Century America

(September 2013)

Ever heard of the Bible Riots in Philadelphia? Well, now’s your chance to learn about them. As part of Routledge’s series, Critical Moments in American History, Katie Oxx‘s new book looks at key events in the anti-Catholic movement of the mid-1800s. The book is The Nativist Movement in America: Religious Conflict in the Nineteenth Century, published this past spring (2013). It explores and contextualizes events such as the burning of a convent in Massachusetts, the Philadelphia Bible Riots, and the theft of the so-called Pope’s Stone in Washington D.C. The riots took place in 1844 in the neighborhoods of Kensington and Southwark. Dr. Oxx’s book contains a number of records and other documents from that time and has its own Web site with additional resources.