What is a “Responsible Employee?”

From the Saint Joseph’s University Sexual Misconduct Policy: Policy Regarding Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, or Stalking

Responsible Employee:

With limited exceptions indicated below, the University has designated all employees, including faculty, adjunct and visiting faculty, administrators, and staff, as Responsible Employees. This includes student employees as well. If a Responsible Employee becomes aware of an alleged act of Sexual Misconduct (including Sexual Harassment) that could violate this Policy, then she or he must promptly contact the Title IX Coordinator and report what she or he knows.

The Responsible Employee should use the Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form located in the Nest on the Employee Tab under “useful links and tools.” Alternatively, the Responsible Employee may call the Title IX Coordinator, at 610-660-1145, and then follow-up by completing the form.


Exceptions to Responsible Employees:

First, there is an exception for employees who are professional and/or licensed counselors and pastoral counselors, (including clergy), meaning those who have been appointed to serve at the University or were hired to and are acting in the role of providing mental health counseling or pastoral/spiritual care to members of the University community. These employees will not report any information about an incident reported to them in these capacities (as opposed to reports that may be made to them in their roles as administrators, faculty, or otherwise) to the Title IX Coordinator, or any other party, without the Complainant’s permission. These positions are known as Confidential Reporting Locations. See the chart contained in Section III.E.3.b. of this Policy.

A second, more narrow exception to the definition of Responsible Employee is for the REPP Faculty Advisor (Rape Education and Prevention Program). The REPP Faculty Advisor when acting in this capacity is not required to report personally identifiable information about the reporter/complainant to the Title IX Coordinator. Instead, the REPP Faculty Advisor need only report general information about the incident such as the nature, date, time, and general location of the incident and, if it can be done without disclosing information about the reporter/complainant, information about the perpetrator, if known.

A third exception to the definition of Responsible Employee is when faculty members conducting research or their research personnel learn of sexual misconduct through the course of their Institutional Research Board (IRB) approved research data collection. Confidentiality guidelines for conducting research are governed by the Office of Human Research Protection, and research investigators conducting Human Subjects Research approved by IRB are not considered Responsible Employees in this Policy.


Responsibilities of Responsible Employees:  

Responsible Employees are not “intake officers” and should not investigate the report. In other words, their role is to report that matter to the Title IX Coordinator, not to try to “solve” the matter themselves.

When a Responsible Employee believes that an individual may be about to report an alleged act of Sexual Misconduct (including Sexual Harassment), or an individual already has done so, the Responsible Employee should take prompt steps to advise the individual that the University will maintain the privacy of the information, but the Responsible Employee cannot maintain complete confidentiality and is required to report the alleged conduct to the Title IX Coordinator and to communicate the names of the parties involved, if revealed.

If the individual wishes to reveal information, or already has done so, but would like to remain anonymous, the Responsible Employee should inform the individual that his/her name will be shared with the Title IX Coordinator but that it may not automatically initiate a University investigation against the individual’s wishes. Please refer to Section III.E.4 of this Policy for how the University will weigh, and respond to, that request.

If the individual wishes not to reveal any information, the Responsible Employee should offer to refer or accompany the student to a confidential reporting resource, the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Office (Merion Gardens A504; 610-660-1090). In the evening a counselor on call may be contacted through the Office of Public Safety and Security (610-660-1111)

The Title IX Coordinator is available to provide guidance to Responsible Employees on how to handle a particular situation or make a report.


For more information, please visitSaint Joseph’s University Sexual Misconduct Policy: Policy Regarding Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, or Stalking