If you choose to report an instance of sexual misconduct and are interested in reporting to law enforcement to participate in the criminal process only (not interested in notifying or reporting the assault to SJU,) please see the details below for further information.

Any individual who believes that he or she has been subjected to Sexual Misconduct is strongly urged to (but not required to) report such conduct immediately to the Office of Public Safety & Security (610-660-1111) and/or the local police (911).  Nine-one-one (911) may be called for both the Philadelphia and Lower Merion police.  If the Complainant so desires, the Office of Public Safety & Security will assist him/her in contacting the local police.

 Criminal Process:

  • Contact local police to report the assault – dial 911.
  • You can request a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) through Philadelphia or Montgomery Counties.
  • An investigation is conducted by the local police.
  • The completed investigation report is forwarded to the appropriate District Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution.
  • Prosecution occurs in criminal court.