Student Life Mission Statement

Committed to our Catholic Jesuit tradition and guided by our Ignatian values, we empower our students to create a supportive and transformative educational experience. We provide challenging opportunities for the holistic development of students so that they may become servant leaders who discern goals, focus on social justice, appreciate diversity and lead lives of faith and purpose.

Develop Faith and Spiritual Awareness

Inspired by the example of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, we help students discern God’s presence in their lives and encourage them to become persons they feel called to be. As the first Jesuits did more than 450 years ago, we meet students where they are in their spiritual journeys and help them explore the role of faith and spirituality in their lives.


  • Students will articulate what it means to be educated at a Jesuit institution.
  • Students will be men and women who experience a “faith that does justice.”
  • Students will engage in a critical exploration of their faith and spirituality.
  • Students will recognize the impact their behaviors and actions have on those around them in light of the moral imperative, “Love one another, as I have loved you.”
  • Students will develop the ability to express their faith/spirituality.

Appreciate Diversity

Finding God in all things means recognizing we are all made in God’s image and likeness and are therefore inherently good people. To this end, our students must challenge racism, strive for justice and recognize their roles and responsibilities within a pluralistic and global society.


  • Students will interact with people different than themselves in order to appreciate their own identity/culture and the identity/culture of others.
  • Students will develop an ability to acknowledge and confront barriers to equality and inclusiveness.
  • Students will seek out and develop an appreciation of art, music, and forms of expression by those different from themselves.
  • Students will understand the interconnectedness of societies worldwide.
  • Students will articulate the advantages and impact of a diverse society.

Realize a Satisfying and Productive Lifestyle

Through our commitment to Cura Personalis, our students need the ability to find balance in all areas of their lives in order to reach their full potential. In developing a thoughtful approach to life, students can begin making wise decisions, learning from their successes and mistakes and making better future judgments.


  • Students will develop meaningful, lasting relationships.
  • Students will learn strategies to achieve life balance.
  • Students will care for themselves in a healthy and holistic manner.
  • Students will develop proactive strategies in dealing with challenges.
  • Students will initiate a career search or seek advanced education.

Practice Servant Leadership focused on Social Justice

St. Luke said, “Of those to whom much is given, much is expected.” (Luke 12:48) In observance of this maxim, students can make a positive difference in the world through service focused on justice with a sense of responsibility for sharing their gifts and talents with and for others.


  • Students will articulate their leadership strengths and skills.
  • Students will mentor others toward engaging in and contributing to the quality of campus life.
  • Students will collaborate with others in order to achieve goals.
  • Students will demonstrate effective stewardship of human, economic and environmental resources.
  • Students will articulate a vision for their organization and set challenging and attainable goals.

Discern Personal, Educational and Professional Goals

As part of the Spiritual Exercises, Saint Ignatius teaches the need for discernment. Informed by this truth, we challenge students to employ purposeful reflection and self-awareness resulting in informed action focused on the greater good.


  • Students will employ self-reflection to gain personal insight.
  • Students will identify personal strengths and weaknesses and take action accordingly.
  • Students will take personal responsibility for their choices/actions.
  • Students will act in congruence with personal identity, ethical, spiritual and moral values.
  • Students will use self-knowledge to set challenging, yet realistic professional goals.