Eligibility / Services

All current students are eligible to receive services at the Student Health Center (SHC). Students are subject to all requirements of the SHC (including completion of the Student Health Form).   


  • Nursing assessment and treatment of illness and injury, referral for further evaluation by a physician or nurse practitioner.
  • Health and wellness information.
  • Allergy injections (see Allergy Injection Policy)
  • Consultation and follow-up for students with body image issues and/or eating disorders.
  • Routine physical examinations on a limited basis when appointment times are available.
  • Men’s health services, confidential consultation with clinicians, STI testing and treatment.
  • Women’s health services, confidential consultation with clinicians, STI testing and treatment.
  • Tampons and liners are available in the waiting room and in the Student Health Center bathroom.


A $20 deposit is required for crutches, when the crutches are returned the deposit will be reimbursed.

Graduate and College of Professional & Liberal Arts (formally University College) are subjected to fees unless the student has purchased the University Insurance. 

Saint Joseph’s University Medical Excuse Policy

The Student Health Center does not provide notes to excuse absences for students missing class due to their visit to the health center, or to excuse class absences due to illnesses.  The purpose of this policy is to eliminate unnecessary visits from students whose sole purpose is obtaining class absence notes for their professors.  Some illnesses may legitimately prevent a student from attending classes, but are not serious enough to require evaluation and treatment from the health center.  Students often provide self care, which is very appropriate for many common illnesses such as cold, viral infection, or uncomplicated flu.

Please feel free to contact the health center at 610-660-1175 with any questions or concerns.