How we work with Students

Case Management

- Point of contact for students and their families when dealing with a significant personal incident

- Assist students in accessing resources or navigating university systems

- Training students on how to approach a friend in need

Wellness, Alcolhol & Drug Education Program (WADE)

- Provides assessment & education related to alcohol, drugs, and wellness topics

- Refers and connects students to on- and off-campus supports related to alcohol and drug related issues, including working with students in recovery

- Peer Education Program - Student Leaders that present educational programs on topics related to Alcohol, Drugs, Healthy Relationships and other wellness related issues.

Student Outreach & Support can help when:

  • You are feeling distressed and you are not sure where to get help.
  • It feels like life outside of classes is getting too difficult.
  • You are returning to SJU after a Leave of Absence or a difficult life circumstance and you need assistance transitioning back into college life.
  • You are experiencing a significant health or emotional issue and need guidance on where to get help.
  • You need help navigating SJU to access the resources you might need.

Following an emergency or serious personal incident, Student Outreach & Support can:

  • Serve as the point of contact and help to coordinate and disseminate information to key University partners, family, and community members as appropriate.
  • Provide case management and collaborative follow-up services.
  • Support the individual needs of students following a serious incident, including referrals to other campus or community resources.

A Note about Confidentiality

Student Outreach & Support services are not meant to be therapy, so the strict confidentiality that usually applies to mental health treatment does not always apply. However, SO&S will only share information with relevant individuals on a need-to-know basis.

In an effort to successfully coordinate services for a student, some information may be shared with other University offices or campus resources to provide the most appropriate assistance for that student.

In some situations, a written release may be signed by the student, so that Student Outreach & Support can share additional information, if needed.

Confidentiality is also subject to some limitations of law and University policy stipulating responsibility to inform those in a position to intercede when a student is deemed to be a danger to self or others.

Student Outreach & Support makes every effort to maintain student privacy while working with and coordinating support for students.