At Saint Joseph’s University there are many ways for students to temporarily separate from the University:

  1. Leave of Absence (LOA) - medical or non-medical
  2. Withdrawal from all Classes - medical or non-medical
  3. Term Away - medical or non-medical (Undergraduate Day students only)

Please see the options below for more information on the process to apply for a Temporary Separation from the university, as well as the process to request a return.

Students who have questions regarding their options, or the Temporary Separation process, should contact:

Office of Student Success or 610-660-2956

A Temporary Separation from the University is processed in the following locations:

College of Arts & Sciences students:

The CAS Advising Support Center | 117 Barbelin Hall

610-660-1280 |

School of Health Studies and Education students:

Advising Support Center | 117 Barbelin Hall

610-660-1280 |

Haub School of Business students:

William F. Leahy Advising Center

150 Mandeville Hall 610-660-3420 |