Student Outreach & Support will remain available to students during the virtual (online) time period.

  • Individual Case Management support meetings and consultations will be available for students via phone and Zoom. Students should call SO&S at 610-660-1149 or email sos@sju.edu to schedule an appointment with a staff member.
  • Alcohol & Drug education and support sessions will be available for students via Zoom beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Students should email sos@sju.edu to schedule an appointment with a staff member.
  • Student Outreach & Support staff are available to consult with students and families to support the wellness needs of students. The office will remain available during regular University business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)

Student Outreach & Support

Case Management | Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education | Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Campion Student Center, 231

Student Outreach & Support offers individual assistance, guidance and referral to helpful resources for all students during difficult situations.


In the Jesuit spirit of caring for the "whole person," Student Outreach & Support offers  assistance to students at times when they are in need of additional support.  Student Outreach & Support offers support and guidance during difficult situations, or following critical incidents, and fosters awareness of University services and resources to help promote the student academic experience at SJU.



Life on campus can be a rewarding experience filled with growth, new experiences and planning for future success.  In the midst of these experiences however, students may  face difficulty, sometimes  personal or emotional in nature.

The Wellness, Alcohol & Drug Education (WADE) Program in SO&S advocates for a campus community that supports and empowers students to make healthy lifestyles choices thus fostering academic success and a safer and healthier campus community. Through peer education and collaboration with campus and community organizations, WADE provides outreach and support to empower students to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.

SOS case management chart

Collaboration & Support

Student Outreach & Support connects students to appropriate campus or community services through an individual Case Management approach. SO&S serves the University and individual students by arranging, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating, and advocating for students who are in need of assistance. Student Outreach & Support may communicate with appropriate Campus resources on student issues, including mental health hospitalizations and other high risk student situations.