Each of our Greek Councils and Chapters has a defined process that potential members follow in order to join.

Interfraternity Council Recruitment

IFC fraternities recruit at the beginning of each semester, and each fraternity hosts their own events for interested men. IFC promotes recruitment by distributing a calendar of all events, as well as providing ways for interested students to learn more about fraternity membership. In order to accept a bid from any single organization on campus, men are required to visit each of our three fraternities. IFC holds an orientation at the beginning of each Recruitment Period to explain the formal process, as well as informal events held throughout the semester outside of Formal Recruitment that help men to get to know the brothers.

Panhellenic Council Recruitment

Panhellenic sororities participate in a joint recruitment process held at the start of each spring semester. The process consists of three rounds of events that allow potential new members the opportunity to learn more about each of the chapters at SJU. During this process, potential new members ask key questions about each group and gain a deeper understanding of what membership in a sorority means. The process begins with an orientation and registration period.  At the end of the fall semester, there is a Meet the Sororities event where more information is given about the process. Throughout the process Recruitment Counselors or Nu Chis, guide potential new members. Nu Chis are experienced sorority leaders that help answer questions and act as mentors during the recruitment process.

National Pan-Hellenic Council/City-Wide Intake

NPHC member organizations engage in membership intake at various times throughout the academic year to recruit and select new members. Each organization coordinates the timing and frequency of this process at their discretion. Greek Life in collaboration with Black Student Union (BSU) sponsors Meet the Greeks annually so that interested students can learn more about culturally-based fraternities and sororities. Each of our chapters are City-Wide affiliated chapters, meaning that they are home to students on multiple campuses through the Greater Philadelphia Area.