The following is from the Financial Affairs website


  • Vendors performing service to the University (ie. referees, speakers, performers, honorariums, etc.) are considered independent contractors. In order for their income to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service, an address and social security number is required on the Request for Funds form.
  • The University is exempt from sales tax in Pennsylvania and other states. When sales tax is charged on an invoice, please deduct it and request a Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate from the Accounts Payable Department.
  • No payments will be made from a statement.
  • Manual checks are for emergency use only. All manuals must receive the approval of the Controller before being issued.
  • Stop payments will be placed if a check does not reach its destination. A check will not be reissued until the Office of Financial Affairs has received official notification from the bank that the check has not been cashed.

Taken from Education and Identity by Arthur W. Chickering and Linda Reisser, 1993