The Office of Public Safety & Security manages a fleet of 24 vehicles available for use to the SJU community. This fleet is available to the University community for a nominal fee. To make a reservation, you must be a campus department or approved student organization.  Billing is done by automatic withdraw through the Office of Financial Affairs at the end of each semester. Vehicles can not be reserved without providing a budget number

Types of Vehicles

Cars that seat 5 passengers

Mini Vans that seat 7 passengers

Passenger Vans that seat 12 passengers

There is a mileage charge for using the vehicles.  The costs per mile are:

Vehicle Type Maintenance Fee (per mile) Gas fee (per mile) Total charge per mile
Car $.16 $.16 $.32
Mini Van $.18 $.20 $.38
Passenger Van $.20 $.35 $.55

You can reserve a vehicle by filling out the form below.  You will receive a confirmation within 48 hours or 2 business days.  All drivers MUST be University Van-Certified through the Office of Public Safety & Security and follow the University Transportation Policy.

Failure to report vehicle damage could result in loss of driving privileges

To attend a Class:
Register through The Nest-- School Services -- Public Safety Section-- Van Driver Training

Unsure how the vehicle fleet process works? Take a few minutes to watch this logistics video!

Do you need to be reimbursed for gas? The receipt and the Request for Funds form can be turned in to Public Safety. Please follow these TIPS FOR REIMBURSEMENT.