Any employee, faculty member, or student who drives a University-owned vehicle must go through a formal driver certification process. This process is initiated by signing up for a Defensive Driver/Van Driver Training course via the NEST.  Applicants must then complete the Authorized Driver Application and Agreement Form (ADAFA) and submit it to the Office of Public Safety & Security, along with a copy of their driver’s license. After a driver’s license check and the successful completion of the Defensive Driver/Van Driver Training, applicants will be certified to drive.

Defensive Driver/Van Driver Training sessions are offered each semester.  The training sessions last about eighty (80) minutes and are typically scheduled during “free period”. Announcements regarding the training sessions are made via Hawk Hill Today.

The Saint Joseph’s University Transportation Policy provides specific information regarding the operation of University-owned vehicles. All applicants must review the Transportation Policy prior to completing the Authorized Driver Application Form and Agreement.

SJU Transportation Policy