Effective August 27, 2016 we are pleased to announce the following campus transportation initiatives:


Saint Joseph’s University has partnered with Easton Coach Company and Suburban Transit Network, Inc. (Transnet) to provide our shuttle transportation service.  The shuttle buses are the same.  You’ll recognize many of the same drivers and the routes have not changed. SJU joins these long established transportation companies with the goal of providing superior and efficient shuttle service on the East and West campus loops.

Please note a few changes to the shuttle service: 

  • Shuttle bus service new phone number: 610-660-A-BUS (2287)
  • Mobile tracking app:   We will now use Ride Systems to track our shuttle system (the TransLoc app is discontinued). 

The Ride Systems app provides live location of shuttle buses, arrival predictions, and other important shuttle route information.  The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The app can be downloaded either through the appropriate app store or by scanning the QR code below.  Once downloaded, search for the “St. Josephs” agency.  Shuttle schedules and general information may also be found on the Office of Public Safety and Security website


Shuttle Service Times

Shuttle service times have changed.

West Shuttle

The WEST shuttle runs between Main Campus and Lancaster Court during the following hours:


  • Shuttle 1: 7:00am – 3:00pm
  • Shuttle 2: 8:00am – 11:00pm
  • Shuttle 1: 7:00am – 3:00pm
  • Shuttle 2: 8:00am – 1:20am


  • 10:20am-1:20am
  • 10:20am-11:00pm
Mandeville Hall 20 & 50 05 & 35
Cardinal Avenue Entrance Gate 25 & 55 10 & 40
Merion Gardens 30 & 00 15 & 45
Lancaster Ave and Sherwood Ave 35 & 05 20 & 50
63rd & City 40 & 10 25 & 55
Overbrook & City (Septa Stop) 45 & 15 30 & 00
Cardinal Avenue (Septa Stop) 47 & 17 32 & 02

East Shuttle

The EAST shuttle runs between Main Campus and the Presidential City Apartments (3900 City Avenue) during the following hours:

*Please note that there is a stopage in service from 10:20am-1:20pm, Monday-Friday and from 1:20pm-3:20pm on Saturday and Sunday

  • Monday-Thursday –  7:20am – 10:20am and 1:20pm – 11:00pm
  • Friday – 7:20am – 10:20am and 1:20pm – 1:20am
  • Saturday – 10:20am – 1:20pm and 3:20pm – 1:20am
  • Sunday 10:20am – 1:20pm and 3:20pm – 11:00pm
 Students traveling from West Campus to locations east of campus and students traveling from East Campus to locations west of campus should transfer at Mandeville Hall. Factors such as traffic and weather may adversely impact the time in route.  Students should allow sufficient time to get to class and be mindful of seating capacity limitations on the shuttle.

The stops and times for the EAST shuttle are:

Mandeville Hall 20 & 50


 50th & City Avenue

25 & 55

47th  & City Avenue  (City Ave North of 47th St) 28 & 58
Target Shopping Center (City Ave North of Monument) 32 & 02
Presidential/Lincoln Green (Stop is at Lincoln Green) 35 & 05
Bala Shopping Center (City Ave South of 47th St) 43 & 13

 Bala Ave & City Avenue

45 & 15


NOTES:  Students traveling from West Campus to locations East of Campus and students traveling from East of  Campus to West Campus should transfer at Mandeville Hall. Factors such as traffic and weather may adversely impact the schedule.  Also, not everyone  can ride at the same time.  Students should allow sufficient time to get to class. (The listed times are approximations, traffic volume plays an important role, the shuttle will run in a continuous route)


  • Security escort service phone number:  610-660-1010

The Security Escort Service has not changed but in order to better serve all students, the following guidance is in place and will be followed:

Note:  If you are disabled, injured or on crutches please contact Chris Mecke at or by phone at 610-660-1774 to be added to the Special Transportation List.

The escort service is intended to supplement our shuttle transportation service.  Walking escorts will be provided on the main campus.  This includes to and from shuttle stops.  The purpose of the vehicle escort service is to safely transport students to and from the main campus to residences within the escort service area (see map below). The escort service is not intended to serve as a taxi service. Vehicle escorts will be provided (within the service area) to student residences not serviced by the shuttle and student residences on the shuttle schedule during the period when the shuttle does not operate. We do not provide transportation to locations outside the service area, such as Center City Philadelphia, Roxborough, Manayunk, Lower Merion, Philadelphia International Airport, 30th Street Train Station. The escort service will not transport students from one off-campus location to another off-campus location.  Escorts will be provided to and from the Overbrook Train Station when the trains are in service and the shuttle bus is not in service.

Please allow yourself sufficient time to get to class or your destination.

On campus escorts will be available to all persons who request an escort, including students, staff, employees, visitors and/or guests.  Off campus escort services are for students only.

The escort service is for safety and not convenience.

Map of the area around SJU that escorts are available to go to


Please contact the Office of Public Safety and Security at 610-660-1111 with any questions.