Prank and Obscene Phone Calls

Each year many of our students receive prank or obscene phone calls. We work closely with the Philadelphia and Lower Merion Police Departments but we have found that if the caller “blocks” their number, the police can not identify them. Over the summer, our phone system received major upgrades from both Verizon and NEC. One of the new features is that we now have the capability to “block” those “blocked” calls. If you choose to block these calls, it will also block the “not listed” and “unavailable” calls. Any student who wishes to prevent these blocked calls from getting through to their extension can do so by contacting Regina Reyes at ext. 1161.

The obscene/prank phone caller has begun making calls to female students again. He gives his name (this week it’s Mark) and says he got your phone number from …(this week it’s Katie). He then says that he is a graduate student doing a study/thesis on passive/aggressive behavior or how to get someone to do what you want. Please hang up and notify Security. You can now block your campus phone from receiving these blocked calls yourself. Lift the handset, listen for the dial tone, dial *28 (star 28) and hang up. You will not receive any calls from blocked phones. If you want to reverse the block, simply lift the handset, listen for the dial tone, dial #28 (pound 28) and hang up. If you have any problems or questions, call Regina Reyes at ext. 1161.


Please make sure that when studying in an area open to the public like the library, lawns etc. you do not leave your valuables unattended.


Please make sure that when you leave your office for any reason, your valuables are locked in a drawer or closet if they can not be taken with you.

To report a crime or if you have any information concerning a crime or incident, please contact us at

For anonymous reporting, please call 610-660-1114 or click on the Safety & Security Tip Box link. There is also a Tip Drop Box in the Drexel Library.