Accessing Course Evaluations

Click here to view step-by-step instructions on how to access course evaluations.

Course Cap Manager

Click here to view step-by-step instructions on how to adjust the capacity or instructor using the Course Cap Manager.


Click here to view instructions on how to enter/edit the semester schedule into the DCU.

How do I Submit Grades in The Nest?

Submitting Final Grades

Log into The Nest and click on the Faculty tab.

Scroll down until you see the Faculty Grade Assignment area.

Click on the course title for the section in which you are attempting to enter grades.

Select the grade to assign from the pull down list.

Information on the grading scale for undergraduate and graduate classes can be found here.

Please note, if you are assigning a VF grade, it means that the student stopped attending after the add/drop period, but did not formally withdraw. This grade, which is equivalent to an F grade, cannot be assigned unless it is accompanied by a last attend date, as shown below.

Also note, if a student withdrew from your class, the final grade of W has already been assigned, so there is no action required on your part. A student who withdrew will appear like this on your grade sheet.

Once you assign the grade, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Submit button.

You do not need to submit grades for all of your students within a single session, but your session will timeout after 180 minutes.

To prioritize grade entry for graduating students, you can click on the identified link to initially display a list of the students in your section who are graduating.

You can select I from the grade options to assign an incomplete grade.

Clicking Submit when assigning an I grade will display the default final grade (the grade to with the I will be changed if not changed prior to the extension date) and the default extension date.

An instructor is able to change an assigned grade within 30 days after the last examination date of the semester. Requests by instructors for changes in grade after this time must be submitted in writing to the appropriate Dean’s office, with reasons.

A final grade, even if rolled to the student’s transcript, can be changed by selecting a new grade from the Current Grade list and clicking Submit.

Issuing a Registration Override

Go to the Faculty tab in The Nest and click on the Registration Overrides link within the Faculty Registration Tools area.

Select the appropriate term.

Select the student or advisee (student will be a student registered for any class for which you are the designated primary instructor). You can enter the student ID directly if the student is not currently in the class or an advisee of yours.

Select the appropriate override type and course to override. Click on Submit.

The information will display for you to verify. Click on Submit to process the designated override and recipient.

Non-attending or not Registered Report Form

Click here to provide information in case you have a student on your class list who is not attending, or students who are attending but are not registered for the class. We will be able to take the appropriate action once you provide us with details on the student(s) and class(es).

Viewing Grades as an Advisor

Please click here to view step-by-step instructions on how to view grades (both midterm and final) for your advisees(s) in The Nest.