The University has designated two Health and Wellness Days for students in Spring 2021.
The 1st day is Tuesday, March 2. Reservations for all programs on March 2nd can be made HERE.

All Day Splash
The O’Pake pool will be open with extended hours 8am-6pm for lap swim or recovery workouts.

Lunch Break! 12pm
Meet at the O’Pake Recreation Center main entrance for a brisk 30 minute walk around campus with recreation staff.

Weightlifting 101: The Basics 2pm and 3pm sessions
Join our certified personal trainer for a free introductory clinic that helps individuals learn how to perform foundational movement patterns with the barbell efficiently and effectively. You will start with the basics and work your way up to harder performance movements.

Wellness Wind Down Yoga 6pm and 7pm
Join us for evening yoga classes with Verge Yoga Center (via livestream). Stability at 6pm and Yin at 7pm.

Check back in early April for the April 28th programming menu!