Class Descriptions

Fall 2019 Schedule coming soon!!!

T.A.N.G. “Tight Abs N’ Glutes”- this will target everyone’s favorite “problem areas”: abs and glutes!
Hawk HIIT- This class is just 35 minutes but you will get an intense workout that will keep your body burning off calories even after class has ended! High-Intensity Interval Training is the key to seeing results in less time.
Candlelit Yoga- This evening class will teach you the basics of yoga, in a calming candlelit environment.
Power Yoga- This yoga class is the best way to refocus, destress, and get an awesome workout all in one! Great for athletes looking to add some much needed stretching into your weekly workout routine, or anyone interested in seeking the unlimited benefits of practicing yoga.
Yoga- This “express” yoga class is specifically for the faculty and staff at SJU and is 45 minutes long.
Cardio Barre- A great combination class which brings together aerobic exercises class to bring up the heart rate, and some traditional barre exercises to work on your muscle definition. This is the ultimate calorie burning combination!
Total Body Conditioning- This one’s a favorite! Starts with a warm up, followed by 4 rounds of 8 exercises that will target each muscle group for a full body workout.
Zumba- Zumba™ is a fun way to dance your way to a healthy body! With Latin-inspired music and easy to follow dance moves, you will begin to burn calories and sculpt your body.
Core + Flexibility- Target your abs and center with core conditioning, followed with controlled stretching to increase flexibility which can reduce injuries in future training sessions and classes
Express-Fit- This short and sweaty class will give you a full body workout in just 30 minutes! Great for those days when you just don't have the time. Think of it like a mini trip to the gym, without having to wait around for your machines or weights.
Bootcamp (Indoor/Outdoor)- Get an intense workout and challenge yourself to a series of cardio drills and body weight exercises. We will be working out both inside the studio and outside, so be sure to dress accordingly!
SJU Circuit- This HIIT-style class made up of high-intensity exercises uses everything from weights and the Bosu, to the suspension trainer and your own body weight!
Barre Burn- This barre class combines Pilates, yoga, and ballet moves. It is a low impact class, but you will definitely feel the burn! Through a variety of isolated movements, you will begin to sculpt your body. No dance experience required. Yoga socks (with rubber grips) or are encouraged.