Club athletes are responsible to report any injuries and illnesses to the Saint Joseph’s University campus recreation staff, including signs and symptoms of a concussion. This includes both athletic and non-athletic related injuries / illnesses / medical conditions which might occur, and any medication, treatments, tests or treating facility notes which are needed in order to determine health status. Students will be presented information regarding concussions, including signs, symptoms, causes and complications of a concussion. It is their responsibility to notify the Campus Recreation staff immediately if they suspect a concussion has been sustained. Failure to notify Campus Recreation staff of any injuries / illnesses / medical conditions is a violation of the Sport Club Manual and appropriate outcomes will be determined.


Reporting an Injury

Step 1:
Student completes an Injury Report Form within 24 hours of injury

Step 2:
Campus Recreation staff will review the injury report and contact the student with follow- up instructions for seeing an Athletic Trainer or visiting Student Health.

Campus Recreation staff will submit an insurance claim with the contracted claims handler (as needed).


Secondary Insurance Coverage
Secondary coverage is obtained by the University as an added benefit for the health and safety of our club sport athletes. We have in place a basic and a catastrophic policy that covers costs associated with a club sport related injury that a student's primary insurance may not cover such as co-pays or deductibles. The timely reporting of injuries is necessary to file the appropriate claim.

Click HERE for more information on the Insurance Claims Process


Club Sport Athletic Training Room

Club Sport Athletic Trainer: Amelia Williamson LAT, ATC

Spring 2020 Hours: Monday- Friday 6-9pm


Physical Therapy

Rob O'Brien -