This page has available all forms needed for current club officers to use for: participation, travel, club history, referees, web updates and many other topics. Forms can be downloaded and submitted via email to Angie at or dropped off in the Club Sport Office.

Club Sport participants are required to have medical / health and accident insurance. If the participant does not have existing coverage, information about a plan is available in the Student Life Office, Center for International Programs, and the Student Health Center.

Additionally, all Club Sport participants are required to have a current Physical on file in the Club office. This requires a student submitting a new form each year of participation.

Participation Forms

2018 Club Athletes - You must register and pay the supplemental insurance fee to be eligible for participation in club sports. This is in addition to your primary insurance. The information to complete this is located in the packet below. Contact Angie with any questions.

Club Sport Athlete Participation Packet 2018- DUE BY THE FIRST TRYOUT DAY OR PRACTICE

Injury Report Form - to be completed immediately following ANY injury on or off campus and turned in to Angie within 24 hours. A secondary insurance claim form must also be completed as well, which can be picked up in the Club Sport office. Students may not visit the Athletic Training room until both forms have been completed.

Travel Forms

Clubs traveling off campus for any reason are required to fill out the following forms.

Travel Authorization and Roster Upload (due for each off-campus competition)

General Forms

Professional Services Agreement - This form should be used to request payment for officials/umps and trainers. This is not a request for general club funds

Club Funds Request -This form should be used when requesting payment from club budgets

Competition Result Report - Clubs can report their results to be shared with the University

Club Officer Orientation 2018

Club Sport Handbook_SJU 18-19