Welcome to the 2019 Club Sport Athlete Registration Process!

If you are a returning athlete, please review carefully as the process has changed quite a bit.

Until Steps 1, 2, AND 3 are completed, you are not deemed compliant and unable to participate on any club.

Complete the Club Sport Participation Release Form

This form is a fillable pdf . You must first download it to your desktop, complete it, and then select "Save As" and save the file as "Your Last Name, First Initial, and Sport" AnĀ  Example of this would be : "Nagle, A. Volleyball" Please do not send a file that does not look like the one above.

STEP 2: Return the PDF File

-via email to anagle@sju.edu

-or print and sign and submit to the Club Sport Office.

This is not to be handed in to coaches or team leaders. Each athlete must do this individually.

Head over to the Campus Recreation Store to submit payment for the Club Athlete secondary insurance fee. This fee is mandatory and supplements your primary insurance. Sport fees are tiered by risk level. For more information on this coverage and how to report an injury and file a claim please visit: this page.

READY FOR PLAY: When Steps 1, 2, & 3 are complete your name will be submitted to the appropriate club leader/coach as eligible and ready for play!

Any questions please contact Angie Nagle, Assistant Director at 610-660-2583 /anagle@sju.edu


Dues are determined by each club's leadership group and are applied towards the cost of team travel, officials, equipment and uniforms and other expenses.

Dues must be paid online HERE