What courses do I need to take to graduate?
DegreeWorks is a resource available to you in The Nest. The website tells you how many courses you have taken (you need 40 to graduate) and your progress toward completing requirements (GEP, PSY, Clinical Concentration, minors). It also has a “What If” function for you to see how your requirements change if you decide to add a minor or to double major. Simply click on “What If” then select the new combination of programs then click “Process What-If”.


Major / Minor Handbooks

Registration & Advising

Research Opportunities

  • Faculty Research Overview

Graduate School Application Materials

Graduate School Materials

  • Graduate School Survival Guide (2018) | (2014) | (2013)
  • Off-Campus Housing Information
  • Online Course Registration Instructions
  • Dr. Skonick’s APA Style Presentation

Graduate Student Forms

  • Comprehensive Examination Consent Form
  • Fellowship Application Form
  • Graduate Travel Request Form
  • M.S. Thesis Committee Proposal Form
  • M.S. Thesis Committee Defense Form
  • Sample Thesis Cover Form
  • Library Binding Form