Undergraduate Majors

Psychology Major

Psychology Major

Undergraduate BS

The Psychology major curriculum was developed based on recommendations of the American Psychological Association and with an eye towards making our students competitive for a variety of career paths. It also allows enough remaining free electives for psychology majors to consider a second major, incorporate a minor area of study, or compete the 5-year BS/MS program in psychology.


Psychology Major

5-Year BS/MS

Saint Joseph's University combined B.S./M.S. program in Psychology offers students an exciting and challenging curriculum of study emphasizing experimental psychology.The program, which is designed to complement the strengths and interests of the present Psychology faculty, also reflects the current state of the discipline of psychology. The program offers a traditional and academically oriented forty-eight credit curriculum which requires a qualifying comprehensive examination and an empirical thesis project. This unique program is designed for successful completion over five academic years.

Undergraduate Minors

Psychology Minor

Psychology Minor


Students in any discipline benefit from the transferrable skills gained by studying psychology. As a minor, psychology offers students the benefit of understanding how people of diverse backgrounds and belief systems interact with others, as well as how ways of thinking, feeling and perceiving are displayed in social situations.

Adult Learner


Psychological Studies BLS

Adult Learner

The psychological studies major serves as a gateway to a diverse range of employment opportunities, including the healthcare and legal professions, human resources and management positions, education and school counseling, and other social, industrial and organizational situations.

Graduate Programs

Psychology M.S.

Psychology M.S.


The graduate program in psychology offers core and elective courses in topics such as biopsychology, memory, social psychology and many other specialized areas of research. Independent research is strongly emphasizes and students participate in directed studies and complete a master’s thesis based on empirical research. In addition to the stimulating coursework, students attend colloquia, lab meetings and conduct scientific research with their faculty mentors.