Blaise Doyle '23

Sophomore PSIP Director

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Theology with minors in Spanish and Business

Hello Class of 2024! My name is Blaise Doyle, and I am this year's Director for SophoMORE PSIP! I am a junior Theology major with two minors in Spanish and Business, and I come from Buffalo, NY (#GoBills)! On-Campus I am a member of organizations such as Orientation, Phi Sigma Pi (the national honors fraternity), APEX, and Collegiate Challenge! PSIP holds a special place in my heart because it really introduced me to the culture of SJU, along with giving an introduction to the city of Brotherly Love! My favorite aspect of PSIP is how it demonstrates the importance of a Jesuit education, which goes far deeper than the classroom. The beauty of going into the community to listen, serve, and learn what this city means to the members of the community is really special. I invite you to read the rest of the incredible SophoMORE PSIP leaders' bios to learn about our team and hear from them why PSIP is so special! I can't wait to see you in August! Remember: come as you are, all are welcome!

Kristin Long

Kristin Long '22

Sophomore PSIP Student Coordinator

Hometown: Newtown Square, PA
Major: Biology with a Psychology minor

Hi Class of 2024!! My name is Kristin Long and I am so excited to be one of the coordinators for SophoMORE PSIP 2021! I am a senior biology major with a minor in psychology from Newtown Square, PA. On campus, I am involved in campus ministry, like Weekly Service and CLC, and I am involved in the Winter Immersion Program as a Peer Minister. I also spend some of my time doing pre-health related clubs/activities, like being a co-leader of Project Sunshine and doing research with the Institute of Clinical Bioethics. As sophomores, I think PSIP will be the perfect way to meet people who want to serve with and for others, and an incredible way to form community both on and off campus in Philadelphia. It embodies so many of SJU's Jesuit values of being with and for others and focuses on social justice in our surrounding community. PSIP will make the next 3 years on Hawk Hill feel even more like home. We are so excited to share in this experience with you, and I cannot wait to meet all of you!
Olivia Cardielli

Olivia Cardarelli '21

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Collegeville, PA
Majors: Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability (LEO) and Food Marketing

WELCOME TO PSIP Class of 2024!! Thank you so much for keeping your passion and for participating in PSIP! I want to welcome you to one of the best communities you will ever be a part of. My name is Olivia Cardarelli and I am a rising senior studying Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability, as well as my second major Food Marketing. I am also a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I will be a certified health coach by March 2022. I am so glad to be spending my last semester with all of you since I am graduating in December. At school, I am a brother in Alpha Kappa Psi, member of the Dean’s Leadership Program, I am a Writing Tutor at the University writing center, I was a Hawk Host, I did APEX, and a few more fun things! This summer I am becoming a spin instructor, too! I love all things, health, wellness, fitness, and more. When I was an incoming freshman, I chose to do PSIP and I can confidently say it was the best decision I have made. I know that you didn’t get the same first-year experience, but now you get to have the SophoMORE experience and it will be even better! I know you probably know your way around Hawk Hill at this point, but there is always so much to learn about our amazing campus, and yourself. I hope that your PSIP experience is everything that you hope for and you meet even more life-long best friends. I am so excited to meet each and every one of you and experience this amazing community with you. Get ready to become who you are intended to be and grow into the best version of yourself. See you in August 🙂 #THWND
Matthew Clifford

Matthew Clifford '23

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Annapolis, MD
Majors: Psychology with a Business Minor

What is up class of 2024!!! My name is Matthew Clifford and I am a rising Junior from Annapolis, MD. I am a psychology major with a business minor here at SJU. Although I did not participate on PSIP as an incoming freshman, I am super excited to be a leader for the sophomore PSIP!!! Outside of PSIP I am involved with CLC (Christian Life Community), the SOAR mentoring program, APEX, Engage, as well as participated in and lead retreats here at SJU. The reason I wanted to be a PSIP leader is because service is a big part of my life and PSIP is an amazing opportunity to make an impact within the Philadelphia area community which is our home for our years of college. It is an absolute honor to lead PSIP and to be able to continue to build community with the class of 2024 and serve with them. Even though I did not participate on PSIP, I can promise you that this is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on. I cannot wait until August and to welcome you all into the PSIP community!!! #THWND
Erin Doherty

Erin Doherty '22

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Franklin, MA
Majors: Political Science and Spanish

Hi I"m Erin and I'm really excited to be a part of the sophomore PSIP team! I'm from Franklin, Massachusetts and I study political science and Spanish at SJU. As a freshman, I did not sign up for PSIP, and I've regretted it ever since. Even if you're already familiar with campus, PSIP is a great way to form new and authentic connections and engage with the incredible city of Philadelphia. On campus I'm involved at the Kinney Center, with the Dean's Leadership Program, and service-learning. I can't wait to meet you!
Adrianna DiVentura

Adrianna DiVentura '22

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Linwood, NJ
Majors: Secondary Education and Spanish with minors in Faith-Justice Studies and Latin American Studies

Hiiii everyone!! My name is Adrianna DiVentura and I am a rising senior. I am a Secondary Education and Spanish double major with a double minor in Faith-Justice studies and Latin American studies. On campus, I am a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Sigma Pi, and Kappa Delta Pi. I love being involved in the SJU community and have gotten to travel to wonderful places for service through programs such as PSIP, APEX, and WIP. I am so grateful to be a part of the PSIP team and I cannot wait to see what amazing things the incoming participants are going to achieve!! PSIP is the perfect place to witness community and service work hand and hand with each other, and I am so excited to see the journey ahead of us all unfold. Let’s get excited!!
Regan Larkin

Regan Larkin '22

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Haddonfield, NJ
Majors: Marketing with minors in Human Resources and Justice and Ethics in Law

Hi! My name is Regan Larkin, and I am from Haddonfield, New Jersey. I am a rising Senior majoring in Marketing with minors in Human Resources and Justice and Ethics in the Law. On campus, I am involved in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Alpha Gamma Delta, Weekly Service, APEX, and intramural kickball. Most importantly, I am SUPER DUPER hype for PSIP! There is no better way to start off the school year than PSIP because of the awesome service and community building opportunities it provides. See you in August 🙂
Zoe Hoag

Zoe Hoag '23

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Abington, PA
Majors: Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability (LEO) and Economics 

Hello Class of 2024!! My name is Zoe Hoag and I’m a double major in LEO (Leadership, Ethics, & Organizational Sustainability) and Economics. I’m originally from Abington, PA but Hawk Hill has been my home for the past two years. On campus I’m involved with Net Impact, Phi Sigma Pi, SJU’s honor fraternity, and am a Fellow with the Institute of Clinical Bioethics, but you can normally find me hanging out at a picnic table outside of Wolfington with friends. PSIP was a formative part of my freshman year that introduced me to service and only strengthened my love for Philly. I cannot wait to share this with you as you go into your second year on campus. You might not have the same butterflies and excitement that you had when moving onto campus last year, but seriously, you can truly make SJU experience what you want by opening yourself up to new opportunities, starting with PSIP. Get excited! I’m so excited to meet and spend the week with you all, regardless of whether you’ve served before or favorite football team… except maybe if you’re a Cowboys fan. See you soon!

Janine Gasarowski '22

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Seaside Park, NJ
Majors: Communications Studies and Art with a Marketing minor

Hello !!! I am Janine and I am SO excited to be a part of the sophomore PSIP team. I am a communication studies & Art double major with a minor in marketing. I am from Seaside Park, NJ. In addition to PSIP, I am a peer minister and I am a member of the Phi Sigma Pi national honor fraternity. I was a PSIP participant myself and really got a lot out of this program. I was able to get comfortable at SJU early on, learn about the Philadelphia community, and make close relationships that I still have as a current junior! If you are considering PSIP - DEFINITELY go for it!! I cannot wait to share this experience with you all.
Thomas Francesconi

Thomas Francesconi '22

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Haddonfield, NJ
Majors: Food Marketing

Welcome to Hawk Hill! I hope that you are all super excited for one of the best programs Saint Josephs has to offer, PSIP! My name is Thomas Francesconi and I am a senior Food Marketing major. I am so glad I chose to participate in PSIP as an incoming freshman because it was where I met my best friends on campus and where I began to love service. PSIP is not something offered at every other college, it is something at SJU that is unique and an is what I (and many others) believe is the best possible way to dive into the SJU experience! PSIP inspired me to get involved on campus in other service related activities, such as Magis (a freshman weekly service group) and the Appalachian Experience (a one week service immersion trip to the Appalachian region). I am also involved in Delta Sigma Pi (one of the professional fraternities on campus), The Dean's Leadership Program, Hawk Hosts, and the First Year Leadership Team. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and I can't wait to meet you all in August! See you soon! #PSIP2021
Nick Palermo

Nick Palermo '22

Sophomore PSIP Student Coordinator

Hometown: Media, PA
Major: Actuarial Science with Mathematics and Business Intelligence minor

Hey Class of 2024! My name is Nick, I'm and Actuarial Science with minors in Mathematics and Business Intelligence, and I'm from Media, PA. Along with being one of the coordinators for this program, I am also a Hawkhost and an APEX leader. I am so excited to get to know the members of your class come next fall during our sophoMORE PSIP! PSIP was the first thing I did here at Saint Joe's and I am so grateful for it. It allowed me to become friends with a group of people before the school year even started and I discovered just how much passion I have for service. It will certainly be different for you all, as sophomores, but I know it will be an amazing opportunity for you all to meet more people within your class and experience a program that has given so many a sense of joy and belonging at Saint Joe's! See you in August 🙂
Jovany Loredo

Jovany Loredo '22

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Chemistry with minors in Spanish and Healthcare Ethics 

Hey there! I’m so ready to kick off this next school year with PSIP and meeting some awesome folks especially since I’ve barely met anyone in the 2024 class this year. My name is Jovany Loredo and I’m a senior Chemistry Major with a Spanish and Healthcare Ethics double minor. I come from a faraway land known as Atlanta, GA (a true Georgia peach).What do I do on campus? I’m a CLC reflection leader, I’ve been involved in past first-year retreats, I’ve been known to contribute a horrible voice to the chapel choir, and I coordinate an off campus clinic for Latine communities. I myself have never done PSIP before, but I’m ready to dive into this new experience with many of you and hopefully make some lasting memories. The four days we spend together are for sure going to be wild but more importantly they will allow us to see the city through new eyes. Hope to see you there!

Roman Apostol '22

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Mount Laurel, NJ
Majors: Sports Marketing and Finance with a Spanish minor 

Welcome to Hawk Hill, Class of 2024. My name is Roman Apostol and I am a rising senior from Mount Laurel, NJ. I am a Sports Marketing and Finance double major and Spanish minor. In addition to being a PSIP Leader, I am a brother of the international business fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi, and the VP of Fundraising for the SJU Sports Marketing Club. As an individual who is passionate about service, I am beyond excited to utilize this time to help the community and help you guys find your home at SJU. Going into college can be very intimidating, and the best way for me to deal with this was to find my family away from home on Hawk Hill. PSIP is the best early move-in program on campus and has some of the greatest people that I am proud to call my friends. With that being said, enjoy your summers, stay safe and healthy. Get hype for PSIP!!!!
Lena Defeo

Pasqualina Defeo '23

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Bethel, CT
Majors: Sociology and Integrated Health Services (IHS) 

HELLO PSIP 2021! My name is Lena DeFeo and I am a Sociology and IHS double major at SJU. I’m a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, a brother of Phi Sigma Pi, and I participate in weekly service. I am so grateful and excited to be a part of the PSIP community and to extend the program to include sophomores who did not get the chance to experience PSIP as freshman. I was a participant in PSIP my freshman year and it served as the perfect introduction to college life, SJU, and the city of Philadelphia. It was a great way to get to know all of the service opportunities that SJU and campus ministry have to offer. I was able to build lasting friendships and to build a supportive and loving community. I can’t wait to share this experience with the sophomore class and I can’t wait to meet you all!
Emery Hurst

Emery Hurst '23

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Ocean City, NJ
Majors: Psychology and Autism Behavioral Studies (ABS)

Hi Class of 2024!!! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Emery Hurst. For those of you who do know me, my name is still Emery. I was born and raised on the beaches and bays of Ocean City, NJ. From sailing, to swimming, to boating and watersports, you can always find me on the water! I am a rising junior, double majoring in Psychology and Autism Behavioral Studies. Here on Hawk Hill I am a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, a SCHOLAR at the Kinney Center, and a member of the Club Lacrosse team. I am also involved with Weekly Service, APEX, Service Learning, Best Buddies, and Make a Wish. Although you have already been introduced to Saint Joes as a freshman, PSIP as a sophomore will reconnect you to the Saint Joes community. Taking this leap of faith will introduce you to the city of Philadelphia, connect you with friends both new and old, and help you embrace the meaning of service. Covid-19 has minimalized all that college has to offer; let’s press the restart button and take this leap together.
Emily Ash

Emily Ash '23

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Fort Lee, NJ
Majors: Early Childhood/Elementary Education

Hi Hawks! My name is Emily Ash and I am a rising junior from Fort Lee, New Jersey. I am an Early Childhood/Elementary Education major and am involved in various clubs on campus and Campus Ministry programs such Chapel Choir, Catholic Relief Services, and a CLC leader. I am also a Hawk Ambassador and give tours for Admissions. I participated in PSIP and the experience definitely made my transition to SJU much easier and opened my eyes to serving with and for others. PSIP taught me how to be present in every moment and to cherish my experiences. I am passionate about service because of the people I am able to meet and form relationships with and the lasting impact we have on each other. I am so excited for PSIP to begin and I cannot wait to meet you all!!
courtney picture - courtney burns (1)

Courtney Burns '23

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Majors: Interdisciplinary Health Services and Spanish

Hi everyone and welcome to SJU! My name is Courtney and I am from Syracuse, NY! I'm a rising junior studying Interdisciplinary Health Services and Spanish. I am a Service-Learning Service Scholar, the Diversity and Inclusion chair for Phi Sigma Sigma, and am involved with weekly service. I'm passionate about social justice and I got my start with service work at SJU through PSIP my freshman year. PSIP was the best transition for me from high school to college and I'm so excited to be a leader this year! It allowed me to feel comfortable on campus before the rest of the students came, I made super close friends with my group, and it led me to join more service oriented groups my freshman year. I can't wait to meet you!!!
Liam Majewski Photo

Liam Majewski '22

Sophomore PSIP Student Leader

Hometown: Medford, NJ
Majors: Environmental Science

Hey everyone! I’m Liam, I’m a Junior Environmental Science major from South Jersey. Any day you can find me floating around Campus, probably in the Science Center where I’m a member of a plant biology research lab, or first floor library (new side!) In my free time I enjoy anything outdoors like fishing and hiking. One of my favorite spots on campus is the Arboretum where I recently worked as an intern and Eco-Fellow! I love Philly sports, especially the Sixers and the Phillies, and I hope to get to attend some in person games this summer, as well as make my way to the shore to relax on the beach! I am so excited to get to know everyone and look forward to having the opportunity to serve our Philadelphia community.