Meet the Team

Meet your 2017 PSIP Leadership Team!


Dan Soucy '18

PSIP Student Director

Hometown: Bedford, NH
Major: International Relations

Hello Class of 2021! My name is Dan and I am this year’s PSIP Student Director. I am a rising senior majoring in International Relations. I also have minors in Asian Studies, Political Science and History. On campus, I am a Service Scholar for the Faith-Justice Institute, an English instructor at the Welcome Center, a member of Sigma Iota Rho (the International Relations Honor Society) and Phi Beta Kappa, a Hawk Host and a former PSIP leader. I also am lover of all things related to travel. During Christmas Break of my sophomore year, I served in Piura, Peru through SJU's Winter Immersion Program. Then, this past fall, I studied abroad in Pune, India for 4 months. With that said, I am SO excited to be back on campus and am honored to be this year’s PSIP student director. This program has challenged me to grow and learn in a plethora of different ways. As a result of PSIP, I began to critically think about social justice and what it means to pursue solidarity and community with people of diverse backgrounds. Through my experiences with PSIP, I not only grew as an individual but also as a member of the Philadelphia community. I hope that you view PSIP as a time to throw yourself into Philadelphia not only by experiencing all of the beauty and love that this city has to offer, but also by experiencing all of the struggles it faces as well. You chose to be a part of something absolutely incredible...we can't wait to meet you all in August!


Kiersten Martin '18

PSIP Coordinator

Hometown: Secane, PA
Major: Food Marketing and Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Evan Addis '18

PSIP Coordinator

Hometown: Lancaster County, PA


Jake Diehl '18

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Dedham, MA
Major: Managing Human Capital


Tim Owings' 18

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Major: Food Marketing


Katherine Walsh' 18

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Perkasie, PA
Major: Biology and Psychology


Erin Jordan '18

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Annapolis, MD
Major: Marketing


Lizzie Fuller '18

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Lafayette Hill, PA
Major: English and Communications


Caroline Sullivan' 18

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Quincy, MA
Major: Economics and Sociology


Caroline Glavin '18

PSIP Student Leaders

Major: Sociology and Interdisciplinary Health Services


Sarah Cherundulo, '18

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Old Forge, PA
Major: Sociology


Kristen Herrmann '19

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Bucks County, PA
Major: Elementary & Special Education

jack paris

Jack Paris '19

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Collegeville, PA
Major: Undecided, Spanish Minor


Kat Mensching '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Major: Marketing


Brittany Porter '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Major: Interdisciplinary Health Services


Peter Ferrara '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Major: Double Major in Finance and Leader Ethics and Organizational Sustainability (LEO)


Stephanie Crispell '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Elliot City, MD
Major: Elementary and Special Education


Colleen Logan '18

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Springfield, PA
Major: Finance and Business Intelligence


Eugene Ramos '18

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Belleville, NJ
Major: Autism Studies


Matt Lenahan ‘18

PSIP Student Leaders

Major: Food Marketing


Kevin Shank' 18

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Broomall, PA
Major: Math and Computer Science


Meg Kloss '19

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Yardley, PA
Major: Marketing & Finance


Jess Arnold '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Mt. Laurel, NJ
Major: Marketing


Jimmy Faunce '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Major: Accounting


Brendan Fallon '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Walpole, MA
Major: Sports Marketing


Eliza Rocco '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Neptune, NJ
Major: Communications


Nick Kropp '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Collegeville, PA
Major: Food Marketing


Maeve Sargeant '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Psychology


Michael Fontana '20

PSIP Student Leaders

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Biology