Take Courses to Develop Your Skills

There is no one path to a great legal education or career.  The American Bar Association does not recommend any particular major or set of courses.  Rather, they recommend a set of skills, a broad range of courses from demanding teachers, attention to values, exposure to the law, and pursuit of your passions:

Problem Solving | Critical Reading | Writing and Editing | Oral Communication and Listening | Research | Organization and Management | Public Service and Promotion of Justice | Relationship-building and Collaboration | Background Knowledge | Exposure to the Law

Saint Joseph's University’s Justice and Ethics in the Law minor combines ALL these recommended skills, opportunities for legal internships, and challenging professors by offering a wide variety of courses from both the College of Arts and Sciences and Haub School of Business.  Requirements and a list of courses may be found here.

We highly recommend reading more about the skills required for being a successful law student and legal professional here.