Meet Pre-Law Advisors

Our law advising combines resources from Career Development, a focused law advisor selected from the faculty, and members of the Pre-Law Advising Board (faculty from departments across the University who assist students in understanding the experience of law school and the practice of the law).

Dr. Susan Liebell, associate professor of Political Science is available to help students craft their essays and put law and law school in context by helping students understand the different types of law schools.

Ms. Christine Falcone, assistant director of the Career Development Center, demystifies the process by outlining the nuts and bolts of the application process and helping students clarify career goals. You can schedule an appointment with Christine through your Handshake account.

We provide accurate and up-to-date information about financing and push students to think critically about the debt they would acquire and how it might impact other life choices.

Advisory Board

Dr. John McCall, Ph.D., professor, the John McShain Chair in Ethics
Dr. William McDevitt, JD, professor of Management
Dr. Regina Robson, JD, associate professor of Management
Dr. Robert Moore, Ph.D. & JD, assistant professor of Sociology

We thoughtfully push students on their reasons for getting a law degree given their career objectives, including asking whether they should go or not go to law school.  When possible, we encourage students to take classes that will help them be successful in the application process and in their legal studies (e.g. logic, economics, courses using case-based analytic reasoning, courses that introduce students to areas of substantive and procedural law to which they will be exposed during law school.

Scheduling an Appointment

Dr. Liebell is available to speak by phone, Skype, or in person.  To schedule an appointment, e-mail

Ms. Falcone is available for phone, Skype, or in person appointments in the Career Development Center. Schedule an appointment with her through Handshake.