If you are applying to law school this fall, early August is the time to make requests for Letters of Recommendation (LOR). Your first step is to write an email to Dr. Liebell (sliebell@sju.edu) with the following information:

  • Name
  • Major
  • Year of Graduation
  • Names of Suggested Recommenders
  • Brief paragraph about why the person would be a good recommender (what type of classes or projects? what type of work projects? how many classes/years you know the person?)

Dr. Libell will provide feedback so that you can then make the requests to the three writers that represent you best. Once you and Dr. Liebell decide on the names, you will reach out to each one providing:

  • Your Updated Resume
  • Useful background information (you want to remind your reviewers of the exact classes (Fall 2018, course number, course name) and also the type of work that you did (name of special project, title of particularly good paper, copy of marked up paper with faculty comments). If possible, you want to reconnect with the faculty member so they have a good sense of who you are NOW and why you want to go to law school so they can write you the strongest letter possible.


Getting the Letters Submitted:

  1. Log-in to your LSAC account.
  2. Click "Credentials and CAS"
  3. Click "Manage LORs"
  4. Scroll down and click "Add/Edit My Recommenders"
  5. Choose whether to waive your rights to see the letter (if you are unsure about this, feel free to email a pre-law advisor to discuss).
  6. Fill out the recommender information.
  7. Letter description - this is helpful if you have recommenders that you only plan to send to a specific school.  Otherwise you can label "send to all schools".  This is a reminder for you.
  8. Click "Submit"
  9. This will redirect you back to the original page you were on.  Scroll down and you should see the recommender name in your list.  In the "Action" section you will see either "view to print" or "email".  Typically you will choose email, which will email the recommender information on how to submit the letter electronically.  If your recommender prefers to mail it, click "view to print".