Below is a brief description of the ratings given by the committee.

  • Very Highly Recommended – The strongest endorsement possible, this category is reserved for those select few students who perform well beyond standard course expectations and who demonstrate leadership skills, service to others, well-developed interpersonal skills, and involvement in their chosen academic field.
  • Highly Recommended -A strong endorsement, this rating is earned by those individuals who demonstrate excellent academic ability, who go beyond standard course expectations, and who possess fine personal qualities.
  • Recommended – This solid vote of confidence is given to the majority of candidates who clearly possess the ability to manage a demanding curriculum, who display positive personal behavior, and who can succeed in a health career.
  • Recommended with Qualification – This category is applied to those individuals who are basically qualified for professional school but about whom the Committee holds some reservation. The specific nature of the qualification (academic or personal) will be defined in the student’s committee letter.
  • Letter of Information – If the Health Professions Advisory Committee chooses not to endorse a student, the letter will explain the group’s concerns, offer information about the student’s academic performance at Saint Joseph’s, and include comments from faculty members who knew the student well.