File Documents
Students must submit the following documents to their HPAC file by February 15 of the year they are seeking review:

 1. An up-to-date copy of your transcript

The Student Service Center will provide HPAC with an unofficial copy of your transcript at no charge. However, to ease their processing, the Student Service Center prefers that all requests are made at one time by the Health Professions Advisor. Please sign a transcript request list by December 15 so that Mrs. O’Hara can request a transcript for your file (the sign-up sheet will be left with Mrs. Comly in Room 327 SC). Note that any official transcripts you may send with your applications later will cost $5.00 each.

2. Four (4) letters of evaluation

  • Science majors should include three letters from Science/Math faculty (at least one from the major department) and one from a Humanities/Social Science professor.
  • Non-science majors should include two letters from Science/Math faculty and two from Humanities/Social Science professors with at least one from the major department.
  • Supply each professor with an evaluation form and an envelope, a copy of your transcript, and personal statement by January 31 at the latest. Complete the top part of the evaluation form with your name and personal data. Indicate whether or not you waive your right to see your recommendations. We must notify the schools to which you apply of your decision to waive or not waive your right to access your evaluations.
  • Check with Mrs. Comly periodically to make sure all of your evaluations are returned.

Choose professors who know you well and who will give you a strong recommendation

3. Student Biographical Questionnaire
Follow the format on the sample document.
4. Personal Statement

This should be an honest, serious, well-written essay about you, your goals, your motivation to enter a health career, and why you think you are an appropriate candidate for professional school. Highlight specific examples from your background. You can use this essay later on your applications. Although there is no specific size limit for HPAC purposes, try to limit your character count to 5300 characters as that is the limit for the AMCAS application.

5. A recent passport style (2” x 2”) photograph of yourself