Most health professions schools use a common application service to process their applications and to make it convenient for students to apply to multiple schools at the same time. The key element in applying to any and all schools is to APPLY EARLY - well in advance of any deadlines. The process is time consuming and expensive so students should be sure that they are well qualified and prepared for admission before committing to the application process. Students are urged to meet with the Health Professions Advisor before submitting their application to review their list of schools and to discuss the details of their application.  Many application services offer a Fee Waiver Program for students who meet eligibility requirements.  You may research this option on each application service website.  For example, click here to view a presentation describing the Fee Waiver Program for Allopathic (MD) Medical Schools.

Click on the links below to access the various application services:

Standardized Tests for Admission

All of the standardized tests required for admission are computerized and are offered at various times throughout the year. For information on the tests and registration procedures, consult the links below.

  • MCAT – Medical College Admissions Test – required for allopathic & osteopathic applications and accepted by podiatry schools too
  • DAT – Dental Admissions Test
  • OAT – Optometry Admissions Test
  • GRE – required for veterinary school and many other graduate programs in PT, Public Health, OT, PA, and Nursing
  • PCAT – Pharmacy College Admissions Test