The information provided on these web pages aims to answer your general questions about careers in the health professions. I also am eager to discuss your specific plans and to answer any questions you may have about preparing for health careers. Please feel free to visit my office in Room 329 Science Center from Monday through Thursdays between 10:00AM and 6:00PM, or e-mail me with your questions. You can also schedule an advising appointment with me by calling the HPAC Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Donna Comly at (610)660-1810. Students interested in the health professions are also encouraged to meet regularly with their faculty advisors to discuss academic progress and their future plans.

If you would like to join the Health Professions email list to receive announcements about programs and events geared to students interested in health careers, please register here. I welcome the opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals!

Mrs. Connie O’Hara
Health Professions Advisor
Room 329 Science Center
Phone – 610-660-1043
Fax – 610-660-1982
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