LPNMR 2019 Accepted Papers

Alex Brik and Jori Bomanson. Diagnosing Data Pipeline Failures Using Action Languages
Mario Alviano, Giovanni Amendola, Carmine Dodaro, Nicola Leone, Marco Maratea and Francesco Ricca. Evaluation of disjunctive programs in WASP
Johannes K. Fichte and Markus Hecher. Treewidth and Counting Projected Answer Sets
Leopoldo Bertossi. Repair-Based Degrees of Database Inconsistency
Pedro Cabalar, Roland Kaminski, Philip Morkisch and Torsten Schaub. telingo = ASP + Time
Vladimir Lifschitz, Patrick Lühne and Torsten Schaub. Verifying Strong Equivalence of Programs in the Input Language of GRINGO
Pedro Cabalar, Jorge Fandinno and Luis Farinas Del Cerro. Splitting Epistemic Logic Programs
Pedro Cabalar, Jorge Fandinno and Luis Farinas Del Cerro. Founded World Views with Autoepistemic Equilibrium Logic
Pierre Bisquert, Florence Dupin De Saint Cyr and Philippe Besnard. Assessing arguments with schemes and fallacies
Sihem Belabbes, Salem Benferhat and Jan Chomicki. Elect: An Inconsistency Handling Approach for Partially Pre-Ordered Lightweight Ontologies
Flavio Everardo, Tomi Janhunen, Roland Kaminski and Torsten Schaub. The return of XORRO
Dirk Abels, Julian Jordi, Max Ostrowski, Torsten Schaub, Ambra Toletti and Philipp Wanko. Train scheduling with hybrid ASP
Richard Taupe, Antonius Weinzierl and Gerhard Friedrich. Degrees of Laziness in Grounding: Effects of Lazy-Grounding Strategies on ASP Solving
Nicola Leone, Carlo Allocca, Mario Alviano, Francesco Calimeri, Cristina Civili, Roberta Costabile, Bernardo Cuteri, Alessio Fiorentino, Davide Fuscà , Stefano Germano, Giovanni Laboccetta, Marco Manna, Simona Perri, Kristian Reale, Francesco Ricca, Pierfrancesco Veltri and Jessica Zangari. Enhancing DLV for Large-Scale Reasoning
Tu-San Pham, Jo Devriendt and Patrick De Causmaecker. Declarative local search
Jesse Heyninck and Ofer Arieli. Simple Contrapositive Assumption-Based Frameworks
Thomas Eiter and Tobias Kaminski. Pruning External Minimality Checking for ASP Using Semantic Dependencies
Pedro Cabalar, Martín Diéguez and Torsten Schaub. Towards Dynamic Answer Set Programming over finite traces
Vedran Kasalica, Ioannis Gerochristos, Jose Julio Alferes, Ana Sofia Gomes, Matthias Knorr and Joao Leite. Telco Network Inventory Validation with NoHR
Lena Rolf, Gabriele Kern-Isberner and Gerhard Brewka. Argumentation-based Explanations for Answer Sets using ADF
Riccardo Bertolucci, Alessio Capitanelli, Carmine Dodaro, Nicola Leone, Marco Maratea, Fulvio Mastrogiovanni and Mauro Vallati. An ASP-based Framework for the Manipulation of Articulated Objects using Dual-arm Robots
Thu-Le Pham, Muhammad Intizar Ali and Alessandra Mileo. C-ASP: Continuous ASP-based Reasoning over RDF Streams
Yi Wang and Joohyung Lee. Elaboration Tolerant Representation of Markov Decision Process via Decision Theoretic Extension of Action Language pBC+
Sopo Pkhakadze and Hans Tompits. A Sequent-Type Calculus for Three-Valued Default Logic, or: Tweety Meets Quartum Non Datur
Anduo Wang and Zhijia Chen. Internet Routing and Non-Monotonic Reasoning