Datalog 2.0 Accepted Papers

Mihai Budiu and Leonid Ryzhyk. Differential Datalog
Jack Clearman, Ruslan Fayzrakhmanov, Georg Gottlob, Yavor Nenov, Stéphane Reissfelder, Emanuel Sallinger and Evgeny Sherkhonov. Feature Engineering and Explainability with Vadalog: A Recommender Systems Application
Stefan Brass and Mario Wenzel. Performance Analysis and Comparison of Deductive Systems and SQL Databases
Carlo Allocca, Francesco Calimeri, Cristina Civili, Roberta Costabile, Bernardo Cuteri, Alessio Fiorentino, Davide Fuscà, Stefano Germano, Giovanni Laboccetta, Marco Manna, Simona Perri, Kristian Reale, Francesco Ricca, Pierfrancesco Veltri and Jessica Zangari. A Datalog System for Large-Scale Reasoning on the Semantic Web
Anduo Wang and Zhijia Chen. A Logical Approach to Representing and Reasoning About Interdomain Routing Policies
Joaquin AriasManuel Carro, Zhuo Chen and Gopal Gupta. Constraint Answer Set Programming without Grounding and its Applications
Sahil Gupta, Yi-Yun Cheng and Bertram Ludaescher. Possible Worlds Explorer: Datalog & Answer Set Programming for the Rest of Us