The Department of Physics at Saint Joseph’s University has developed a research-oriented culture for both its faculty and students.  It is expected that most students will experience some sort of research activity over their four-year development in the discipline of physics.  The ability to put into practice what is learned in the classroom is paramount to the growth of the young scientist.  In the research laboratory, the student will learn to ask appropriate questions, design and perform experiments to answer those questions, analyze data using computational methods, and draw appropriate conclusions.  Students will also be exposed to the interfaces of physics where physics meets biology and chemistry.

Undergraduates can participate in research in three different ways.  They may decide to take research for academic credit.  Within the major, students must take three physics electives and one or more of these may be used to perform scientific research under the guidance of our physics faculty.  The student might opt to do research as a Summer Scholar.  Lastly, students may opt to volunteer in a laboratory at SJU.  For more information about Summer Scholars Program please visit the Summer Scholars Program web page.

Our Majors Presented at the 18th Annual Summer Scholars Dinner

Four physics majors who participated in research during summer 2017 presented results of their research in November, 2017.  Miranda Mazzio ’18 and Rui Zhang ’18 showcased the results of their studies of particle dynamics in dense colloidal suspensions.  Michael Jenkins ’19 presented results of his studies on machine learning and particle tracking.  Finally, Jamilyn Mooteb ’19 presented results of her studies on giant clam symbiosis.

SSP Dinner 2017

Rui and Miranda.

SSP Dinner 2017

Jamie and Mike.